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Yes Chekku Peanut Oil

The basic common sense is that cooking oil should be natural in order to be healthy. The process of extracting the oil should be simple to keep the oil in its originality. The choice of cooking oil determines the quality of fat in our body. Among all the cooking oils, olive oil is #1; however, it cannot be used for various kitchen applications due to its low flash point (maximum heating temperature). Therefore unrefined, unfiltered, and cold-pressed peanut oil is the healthiest oil used across various cuisines. Peanut oil has a high flash point among the cooking oil alternatives. Apart from peanut oil's cooking benefits, peanuts have several health benefits such as fighting heart disease, cancer, hair loss, and blood pressure. Peanut is a legume and a nut; it is a good fat leading to a healthy lifestyle for all age groups


Yes Chekku Peanut Oil

Reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and increases good cholesterol (HDL) levels.
Cold-pressed peanut oil has 18.4g MUFA and 68.8g PUFA, and industrially produced peanut oil has 36g MUFA and 12g PUFA. The use of poor quality raw material leads to lower MUFA & PUFA %.

Linoleic Acid

Virgin Peanut Oil

It plays a role in reproduction, brain activity, hair growth, bone density, and energy production. It also plays a unique role in support of heart health. Poor quality peanuts or the wrong choice of seed type can cause lower linoleic acid content in peanut oil.


Cold Pressed Peanut Oil

Any cooking oil exposed to sunlight through its packaging material or packed in metal containers will not maintain its freshness. Cooking oil does not get better through the aging process. Healthy cooking oil has a lower (FFA) free fatty acid level; it is not advisable to use cooking oil that is more than three months (subject to good packaging practices) old from the manufacturing date. Digestion, heartburn, and liver problems may arise due to the poor shelf-life of cooking oil.

Aflatoxin Free

Ghani Peanut Oil

Aflatoxin is a kind of toxin or poison produced by a mold. When humans consume these compounds, they suffer from severe health effects. The Indian standard allows 30 parts per billion levels of Aflatoxin, while the European Union allows only four parts per billion. Our standards follow Eu standards.

Omega-6 Fatty Acid

Chekku Peanut Oil

Omega-6 acids are essential for cell formation and healthy growth. It also helps fight cancer. A balance between Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids will promote a healthy condition.

More Flavor, Less Smoke

Yes Chekku Peanut Oil

oil cold-press method does not add water during the oil extraction process, unlike others in the industry. Therefore, what you get is pure peanut oil without added moisture and less smoky when you cook. The oil is flavourful due to this approach.

Yes Chekku Peanut Oil

Why Yes Oil?

We created Yes oil during the covid lockdowns. We named it "Yes" to sound optimistic. All the inconsistent, poor quality cooking oil in the market caused us to create Yes oil. Being the peanut experts, we were frustrated to answer this question: Is it possible to give consumers, wives, dads, cooks a (five-star) quality at a (three-star) price? The rest is history in the making.

  • Lab Tested Oil
  • 8% of our profit margin goes towards the betterment of peanut farmers

Deep Frying
We give wings to your bhajji

Peanut oil is ideal for deep frying due to its high flash point. Food will be tastier when it is cooked with peanut oil and healthier at the same time. Yes oil has a nutty flavor; your deep-fried food will be flavorful and aromatic. Please remember not to reuse the oil more than once or twice as part of healthy practices. 



  • Peanut oil has highest degree to which cooking can be done.
  • Non-oily appearance
  • Less smoky
Salad dressing
Let there be yummmmm

Aromatic and nutty peanut oil flavor will add more character to your fresh salads. Every bite is mouth-watering. Peanut cooking oil helps digestion. You can use the oil from the pack without heating it, or you can heat mildly and add it to your salad. 



  • Nutty flavor
  • Aromatic
  • Less greasy
Caution: Very aromatic, your neighbors may come knocking at the door

With the right amount of best peanut cooking oil to your stir fry pan and the right amount of heat, the aroma will satisfy the cooking space. It is one of the significant features of cold-pressed peanut oil apart from being healthy, not to mention our unique cold-pressed method that elevates peanut flavor and aroma. 



  • Aromatic
  • Great roast/char effects with flavor
  • Less smoky
Shallow Frying
Nutti’er, Healthi’er, Tasti’er, Yummi’er

Yes peanut cooking oil is less greasy because it contains the least amount of water content. It is made by an accurate cold-press method ensuring the acids in the oil are stable. This process makes the oil less greasy and absorbent. Be ready to taste a mouth-watering dish when you cook with Yes chekku peanut oil. 



  • Less greasy
  • Less smoky
  • More Tasty
Sauté and peanut oil: made for each other

To sauté means to jump. It is a French cooking method whereby you heat a minimum amount of oil to a high degree and quickly toss-fry the food, usually to prepare ingredients for the main dish or the dish itself. Sautéing elevates the ingredients' flavors in the pan, and Yes Ghani peanut oil does a great job at it. 



  • Adds flavor to your ingredients
  • Tangy food
  • Less oily appearance
Yes Oil, 1L
₹210.00 ₹250.00 You Save 16.00% (including on all taxes)
8% of profit contributed to farmers

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Did you know that? Research studies found that people who regularly consume peanuts lived longer.

About the item
  • Yes oil is made in a simple process. No Chemical refining, No heat treatment, No forceful filtration. Peanut nutritions are intact in the Yes oil pack.


  • Consuming cooking oil with higher MUFA & PUFA will help your heart, and yes oil is the right choice.
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A peanut spilling on any soil eventually finds its way to become a plan and starts producing more peanuts. Kadalai Mittai Private Limited was a spilled peanut that became a big plant in trading peanuts and spices globally and locally. KMPL started its journey by supplying oilseeds for crushing to the local crushers and gradually entered the international business arena. Initiatives of the employees led to this company's formation and aligned with Agrocrops' overall global business strategy.

With strengths from Agrocrops' market presence, KMPL swiftly grew its business across 23 commodities while keeping oilseeds as its primary revenue source. In pursuit of the group's strategy of integration, KMPL launched several b2c products.

Kadalai Mittai Private Limited is known as the best platform to buy peanut oil and groundnut oil online. KMPL ensures the high standard of quality throughout the process from farm seed to delivery of oil to the end customer. KMPL's customers include crushers, roasters, small-scale snack companies, wholesalers & retailers, importers, traders, local exporters, stockists, and household consumers.

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